Officials & Prize Lists

Sunday, August 9th Horse Show – cancelled due to power outage

Information Day of Show – 203-947-0400
Information Prior to Show – 914-844-7592

View/Download the schedule – August 2020 Schedule  also on horseshowsonline.

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USEF Agreement:

USEF requires that all show participants must submit a signed liability waiver agreement in order to compete.

USEF liability waiver form


Horse Show Officials:







Barbara Filippelli
Show Manager
Barbara Howard
North Salem, NY
Course Designer
Norman F. Bray
Lincolndale, NY
Veterinarian on Call
Miller & Associates
Michelle Schmerzler

Course Information:

Ring I:
  • 130 x 240
  • Footing – free draining sand/fiber mix
  • Schooling  – Indoor Ring

Ring II:

  • 120 x 220
  • Footing – sand/fiber mix
  • Schooling  – Grass

Supervised schooling breaks will be permitted as time allows. Schooling will be solely at the discretion of the show management.

Prize List:

Championships are pinned at the conclusion of each Division.

Schooling prior to 8:00 AM

Use the PDF schedule above.


 RING I          8:00 am  RING II            
49.Pre-Low Hunter  Ring II classes to run 
50.Pre-Low Hunter  at the conclusion of 
51.Pre-Low Hunter  class 36.  
48.Pre-Low Hunter U/S     
53.Low/High Hunter 78.Modified Child/Adult Hunter 
54.Low/High Hunter 79.Modified Child/Adult Hunter 
55.Low/High Hunter 80.Modified Child/Adult Hunter 
52.Low/High Hunter U/S 77.Modified Child/Adult Hunter U/S
   81.Bit O’Straw  
   13.Child/Modified Adult Equitation Flat
57.Adult Amateur Hunter 14.Child/Modified Adult Equitation
58.Adult Amateur Hunter 15.Child/Modified Adult Equitation
59.Adult Amateur Hunter 16.Child/Modified Adult Equitation
60.M&S Adult Hunter Classic 17.FW-PHA/M&S 2’6″ Medal 
56.Adult Amateur Hunter U/S     
67.Children’s Hunter Pony     
68.Children’s Hunter Pony 45.Schooling Hunter  
69.Children’s Hunter Pony 46.Schooling Hunter  
70.M&S Children’s Hunter Pony Classic 47.Schooling Hunter  
66.Children’s Hunter Pony U/S 44.Schooling Hunter U/S 
62.Children’s Hunter Horse 9.Pre-Child/Adult Equitation Flat
63.Children’s Hunter Horse 10.Pre-Child/Adult Equitation Fences
64.Children’s Hunter Horse 11.Pre-Child/Adult Equitation Fences
65.M&S Children’s Hunter Horse Classic 12.Pre-Child/Adult Equitation Fences
61.Children’s Hunter Horse U/S 76.FW-PHA Pre Child/Adult Medal
26.Junior/Adult Equitation Flat 100.Leadline  
27.Junior/Adult Equitation Fences 1.Walk/Trot Equitation 
28.Junior/Adult Equitation Fences 2.Walk/Trot Equitation 
18.M&S Children’s Medal – Pony 3.Walk/Trot Pleasure 
23.M&S/FW-PHA Adult Medal 4.Walk/Trot Pleasure 
24.Ariat Adult Medal 82.Opportunity Pleasure 
111NEHC Adult Medal 83.Opportunity Pleasure 
29.M&S/FW-PHA Mini Medal 84.Opportunity Pleasure 
30. THIS Children’s Medal  110NEHC Pleasure  
   5.Short Stirrup Walk/Trot 
   6.Short Stirrup Walk/Trot/Canter
112NEHC Junior Medal 7.Short Stirrup Crossrails 
113USHJA 3’3″ Medal 8.Short Stirrup Crossrails 
114Hamel Foundation 3’3″ Medal 75.FW-PHA Short Stirrup Medal
32.M&S Junior Medal 41.Short Stirrup Hunter 
33.National PHA Medal 42.Short Stirrup Hunter 
34.Dover Saddlery USEF Medal 43.Short Stirrup Hunter 
35. NHSAA/ASPCA Maclay 40.Short Stirrup Hunter U/S 
36Platinum Perf/USEF Talent Search 1* 85.Beginner Equitation W/T 
   86.Beginner Equitation W/T/C 
   87.Beginner Crossrails 
 Following clas 88: 88.Beginner Crossrails 
120Low Training Jumper     
121Low Training Jumper     
122Low Training Jumper     
123Child Adult Jumper     
124Child Adult Jumper     
125Child Adult Jumper