Officials & Prize Lists

Sunday, August 11 Horse Show

Information Day of Show – 203-947-0400
Information Prior to Show – 914-844-7592

USE THIS SCHEDULE – it is the one on horseshowsonline.

View/Download the schedule – UpdatedSchedule

Click on  CMF Entry Blank to download the form.

Fax the entry form to Michelle Schmerzler at 203-222-0847 or email to For questions call 203-856-9807.

Horse Show Officials:







Kathy Pinera
Show Manager
Barbara Howard
North Salem, NY
Course Designer
Norman F. Bray
Lincolndale, NY
Veterinarian on Call
Miller & Associates
Michelle Schmerzler

Course Information:

Ring I:
  • 130 x 240
  • Footing – free draining sand/fiber mix
  • Schooling  – Indoor Ring

Ring II:

  • 120 x 220
  • Footing – sand/fiber mix
  • Schooling  – Grass

Supervised schooling breaks will be permitted as time allows. Schooling will be solely at the discretion of the show management.

Prize List:

Championships are pinned at the conclusion of each Division.

Schooling prior to 8:00 AM

Use the PDF schedule above.